Dr. Kirsten Mogensen


Dr. Kirsten Mogensen is the leader of the research group Management in Transition, and she teaches courses in business strategy, public relations and crisis management at Roskilde University. In terms of research, she is currently trying to understand and describe how trust can be conveyed in texts, and she is in that context associated with a Nordic network of researchers working with trust within and between organizations.

In addition, she has presented peer-reviewed research in mediated trust in the United States, Norway and Sweden. The current focus on mediated trust stems from her general interest in journalism norms, traditions and ethics from a professional perspective. Based on interviews and journalistic texts she has previously described some of the moral-philosophical issues that the profession experiences.

She has worked with professional issues related to the coverage of the events 11th September 2001 (with Louisiana State University) and the coverage of innovation (with the Stanford Center for Innovation and Communication). Mogensen is a journalist from DJH in 1976 and the University of Minnesota, 1977; MA in Danish and psychology from Aalborg University 1994; HD from Aarhus School of Business 2000 and has also studied /been a visiting scholar at a number of foreign universities. As a journalist, she has worked in print and broadcast. She has taught journalism since 1989 – first as a lecturer at DJH and since 1999 at RU. Additional information: www.kirstenmogensen.org

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