Mr.Iqbal Jamil


Mr.Iqbal Jamil has over 26 years of experience in broadcast journalism. He served PTV for twentyfour years as Reporter, Producer and Senior News Editor. He also worked as Bureau Chief for Dunya TV. Master’s from Karachi University, Mr.Iqbal attended various workshops and courses organized by CNN, BBC, reuters and PTV.

He is heading the department of Media Sciences at Greenwich University.

2 Responses to Mr.Iqbal Jamil

  1. rehana khan says:

    hello janaab!

    vow! i am so happy to trace you out. congrads! for holding this new office. i would love to visit and meet you personally, if karachi allows.

    wish you good luck!

    rehana khan, hope u remember me

  2. rehana khan says:

    iam on linkedin.

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