Imran Ahmad Khan


Imran Ahmad Khan is a communications specialist, with over ten years’ experience in the sector, including close engagement with the media.

Imran was born and educated in Great Britain, gaining his degree from King’s College London in 1996.Being aYusufzai Pashtun, Imran has maintained close connections with Pakistan, and since 2007 has been living and working in the country, particularly within it’sPashtun regions. During this time he has engaged in research involving individuals from all key groups, including tribals, the military and security forces, politicians and civil officials. He has taken the lead on numerous donor funded projects throughout Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Through his Non-Governmental Organisation Transnational Crisis Project,Imran has been involved in community engagement and communication for several years, including detailed on-ground developmental research in Malakand Division. In 2010 he founded the Pakhtoonkhwa Arts and Culture Project. This organisation aims to support the traditional cultural practices of the Pakhtoon communities in Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa and FATA, using grass roots engagement, and by producing radio programming that usesimportant cultural practices as a platform to discuss key issues affecting the Pakhtoon peoples.

Currently, his organisation is also involved in on-ground media training in Syria. The initiative is training citizen journalists in Syria who are caught in the on-going conflict. These journalists receive remotely conducted training in concepts such as impartiality, independence, and personal security. This initiative is designed to assist the flow of accurateand reliable information out of Syria during the conflict, and to help lay the foundations for a free and ethical media landscape in Syria after the current violence is brought to an end.

Imran has acquireda great deal of experience in conducting and directing research, whether purely academic in nature, on the ground in complex or dangerous environments, or a mixture of the two. This has given him detailed knowledge of Islamic extremism in a variety of areas. He has taken part in high level policy discussion and debate, as well as on-ground interaction with militants themselves.

Imran’s previous roles include, Special Advisor on Terrorism and the Muslim World to the Canadian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Director of Communications at the Syrian Media Centre, and Advisor to the Former President of Belarus, Stanislav SShushkevich.

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