ABRAR-UL-HASSAN        |        Founder

The distinguishing professional edge of Abrar ul Hassan is the unique combination of his vast experience in the media sector and his acute awareness of socio-political changes around him. A trait, that reflects in his work in abundance as a TV director.

One of his top-rating weekly TV series entitled “Mutasreen” (meaning: affected) which was broadcast weekly on one of the leading Urdu language TV channels in Pakistan, Samaa TV was tremendously appreciated by the viewers and from other representative segments of the country. The series featured lives of indirect victims of terrorism and extremism in Pakistan. The main objective of the series was to bring the viewers closer to the victims on a human level projecting sense empathy among them.

Hassan takes initiative and uses creativity as a tool for enhancing his professional and personal skills. He owns and manages Morangofilms, which develops and builds digital interfaces in the form of quality TV commercials, music videos, documentaries and print features for prominent clients.

He is currently, working with the London International of Documentary Festival, UK to develop an international symposium that will debate, celebrate and explore issues facing documentary filmmakers in Pakistan. This collaboration will mark the launch of the Filmmaking for Social Change campaign – The LIDF Media Forum. This forum aims to create awareness, encourage participation, improve community dialogue and action on social concerns related to conflict through periodic presentations, screenings and discussions.

Hassan’s professional carrier has evolved with the evolution of independent private broadcast media in the country, which led to a number of private TV and FM radio channels in Pakistan. In addition to that, from an early stage, Hassan had a unique opportunity to observe the most significant socio-political changes in Pakistan. He observed the liberalization of broadcast media coinciding with an increase in religious militancy, which eventually spread southward in the country. He recognizes the importance of economic viability of the South Punjab in order to provide the opportunity to the people of the region to choose life over dogma, religious extremism and terrorism.

Hassan also works as a social entrepreneur; in his own capacity he creates awareness messages on critical issues such as health, water, terrorism and hope. Another example includes the promotional video that Hassan directed and produced for a telemedicine project aimed at the families affected by the floods in Khairpur, Sindh. The video shows that the specialist doctors can effectively benefit the patients in far-flung areas remotely. It presents the project as an alternative means of reaching out to the flood affected areas considering the security and logistical issues.

Hassan also worked as the Head of Programs for a private music channel, ARY Musik, in 2008; he produced and launched the programs for the channel for its first quarter. He joined Evernew Entertainment in 2005 as its creative head and Packaging Director. At Evernew he directed music videos and promos of drama serials and sitcoms. He designed complete packaging and promotions for each serial that produced by Evernew Entertainment. He was a Content Head for Style Duniya in 2002, where he developed Pakistan’s first fashion channel and executed the entire production process from concept and script writing to shooting through to editing.

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