Overall Goals and Objectives

1. A system of regulation conducive to freedom of expression, pluralism and diversity of the media:

Existence of a legal, policy and regulatoryframework which protects and promotes freedom of expression and information, basedon international best practice standards and developed in participation with civil society.

2. Plurality and diversity of media, a level economic playing field and transparency of ownership:

The state actively promotes the development of the mediasector in a manner which prevents undue concentration and ensures plurality andtransparency of ownership and content across public, private and community media.

3. Media as a platform for democratic discourse:

The media, within aprevailing climate of self-regulation and respect for the journalistic profession, reflects and represents the diversity of views and interests in society, including those ofmarginalized groups. There is a high level of information and media literacy.

4. Professional capacity building and supporting institutions that underpins freedom of expression, pluralism and diversity:

Media workers have access to professional training and development, both vocational and academic, at all stages of their career, and the media sector as a whole is both monitored and supported by professional associations and civil society organizations.

5. Infrastructural capacity is sufficient to support independent and pluralistic media:

The media sector is characterized by high or rising levels of public access, including among marginalized groups, and efficient use of technology together and distribute news and information, appropriate to the local context.

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